If you rather want to use other communication platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom for your pre-plannend meetings,  when you organise a Microsoft Teams Live Event or when you want to add your own MS Teams URL's , then you need to add a custom URL to your original meeting. 

Follow the next steps:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Select the event that you want to configure
  • Go to 'meetings'
  • Check whether you can find the meeting that you want to adapt in the meeting list
    If not: select 'add meeting'
  • Open the meeting details by clicking on the meeting
  • Go to 'custom meeting URL'
  • Enable this option by sliding the button to the right
  • Enter the URL of your meeting in the field below
  • Press 'save'

!! Important: in case you're using a MS Teams URL, please check that you insert the right URL. Once your meeting has been created, you can open the meeting appointment in your calendar. Right-click on "Click here to join the meeting" and select "copy hyperlink". 

When copying the meeting url in this way, your URL will have following format: 



If you select 'open hyperlink' instead and then copy it from your webbrowser, you will have the wrong URL: 


Find more info here.