Our platform is deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams. By default any one-to-one call or (plannend) meeting will be automatically launched through Microsoft Teams. 

One-to-one call

With the 'meet now' functionality users can launch a one-to-one video or audiocall. This call will always be set up through Microsoft Teams. By default we use our own Thola tenant, but if you rather want to fully manage the call settings and keep the call data within your organisation, then you can also use your own Microsoft Teams tenant. For the one-to-one calls it is not possible to integrate other communication platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom. 

Scheduled meetings

For scheduled meetings the same integration is used as for one-to-one calls.

All other meetings

Just like with one-to-one calls, we will use Microsoft Teams by default when you ceate a new meeting within your event. A new meeting can be set up when configuring a meeting button or adding a new session to your big screen. 

In comparison with a one-to-one call, you can use other communication platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet to launch these pre-plannend meetings. Read more about it here