Depending on how many attendees you are expecting in your meeting or what type of event you are organising, you might choose for a regular Microsoft Teams meeting or rather a Teams Live Event. 

Microsoft Teams Meeting

A regular Microsoft Teams meeting allows up to 1000 interactive attendees. If you use our Thola tenant then the attendees will be able to use audio, video and chat during the meeting. If you use your own tenant, then the settings might differ. A regular Teams meeting is also recommended when you are organising an interactive session in which your users can use the audio, camera, chat and can join break-out rooms. When using break-out rooms, you can only allow up to 300 attendees. 

There is a possibility to exceed a 1000 attendees in a Teams meeting. Every attendee from 1001 will get a view-only experience. More information can be found here

Microsoft Teams Live Event

A Teams Live Event is a tool to broadcast meetings/sessions. The live content must be coordinated by a producer who decides at what time, what content will be broadcasted. This is a more rigid solution if you want more control over your meetings. Your users will only be able to view the content & use text-based Q&A which is moderated by the producer(s). 

You can assign multiple presentors which can share their screen, audio and camera to present content. Read more here.

More control over your meeting(s)

Read here how you can integrate the URL of your Teams meeting or your Teams Live Event into your original meeting in Thola.