By default we use a common 'ping' sound effect to display a meeting reminder or an announcement. In case you want to use a custom sound, you can set this up as following:

How to configure a custom sound for a meeting reminder or announement: 

  • Prepare your media file in the following format: 
    • File: only WAV files are supported
    • Size: max. 1 MB 
    • Name: save your media file(s) with the following name on your pc/laptop: meeting-reminder-X
      X can be text and numbers.
      For example: meeting-reminder-01 OR meeting-reminder-start
      Important: If you don't save it with the correct name, your custom sound won't work. 
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Select the event for which you want to schedule a meeting or announcement
  • Go to the media library
  • Upload your media file(s)
    • Important: when you have multiple custom sounds, they will be played randomly