Once your doors are open to your event, your attendees can start scheduling meetings with each other. However, you as an organisation owner or event manager can also schedule meetings between two or more attendees in advance. This can be interesting for example if you have foreseen speed-dates during your event or if you want certain attendees to already become acquainted with each other. 

Follow the next steps:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Select the event that you want to configure
  • Go the 'scheduled meetings'
  • Select 'schedule meeting'
  • Fill in the names of the attendees between who you want to set up a meeting
  • Write a message (optional)
  • Select 'hide meeting in schedule' in case you don't want the participants to know beforehand with who they have a meeting (for example: when organising speed-dates)
  • Select a date, start time and end time 
  • Indicate whether this meeting will occur remotely or live at the event
  • Press 'save'

Once the attendees log in to the event for the first time, the meeting will be added to their Thola calendar. 5 minutes before the meeting starts, both attendees will receive a reminder. Read here how you can change the timing and sound of the meeting reminder.