In case you don't want to set up your scheduled meetings or speed-dates manually, you can also automate this. 

Configure automated scheduled meetings

  • Make sure that you have registered your users first. Read more about it here.
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Open the event in which you want to include speed-dates
  • Go to 'scheduled meetings' in the menu 
  • Select the button 'automate scheduled meetings'
  • Choose who you want to invite for your scheduled meetings
    • Option 1: all registered attendees
    • Option 2: all attendees that are online now
      (Extra information: this last option is recommended if you want to avoid no-shows in your speed-dates)
  • Choose how you want to assign the attendees to these scheduled meetings 
    • Option 1: based on a group size
    • Option 2: based on a number of groups
  • Fill in the group size or number of groups
  • Optional: write a message
    • This message will be displayed in the reminder the users will get to join the speed-date
    • For example: speed-date 1
  • Optional: hide meeting in schedule
    • If you want to make sure that your participants don't know with who they will have a speed-date, you need to select this box. 
    • If you have selected this box, then they will only be able to see with who they had a meeting after the speed-date has started.
  • Select the date and time of your speed-date
  • Indicate where this meeting will take place (remote or live @ event)
  • Select 'Automate scheduled meetings' to confirm